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Cisco Customer Care has been rebranded as Cisco Customer Journey Solutions, reflecting the direction of which Cisco is taking with their Contact Center Customer Experience portfolio. (Please watch the video above)

At IST we’ve been implementing and integrating Cisco Contact Centers (Customer Journey) solutions now for over 16 years, One of the things that our clients love about Cisco is its open architecture. A lot of  CX vendors do support an open-architecture, however, for Cisco, this is not a feature but rather a strategy. This allows you to capitalize on one of the strongest ACD (Automatic Call Routing) engines out there, integrating leading emerging technologies (such as AI, Chatbots, IOT etc)  into the Cisco Platform via  Cisco Task Router.  This approach not only allows you to use the most sophisticated routing engine there is but to also seek out leaders in the emerging customer experience technologies and bring them to your own contact center. As said for Cisco Customer Journey strategy is openness, so when integrating these technologies, Cisco ensures a tight integration that encompasses every part of the journey, the management, and the agent experience. So an example is when you are integrating a new social media channel, such as Linkedin, you are not only integrating the routing part but ensuring that it arrives at the same agent desktop via Cisco Finesse, ensuring the reporting is harmonized within the same reporting engine that you’d be using for the contact center, Cisco Unified Intelligence Center. Cisco’s Strategy is to ensure

Not only our customers have been loving this, but we ourselves at IST, are in love with the open architecture, as it has given us a lot of opportunities to develop our own solutions around the Cisco Customer Journey portfolio such as, Social Data Router, Cisco Finesse – Microsoft USD Connector  and Cisco Finesse Desktop Edition.

As mentioned in the video Cisco has one of the strong partner networks developing solutions around their portfolio. Who like us are happy with this the open architecture, one of our trusted partners is NovelVox who are pioneers when it comes to unified agent desktops, they have been doing it for over 10 years with products such as  Cisco Finesse Unified Agent desktopsContact Center Wallboards, Field Workers Mobile Agent Desktops,  Agent Scripting Tool, amongst others.

And with that, I leave you with this video below to see examples of how you can bring emerging technologies from Google into your Cisco Customer Journey. If you require any further information or assistance with your Cisco Contact Center, please contact us here



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