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Why to reduce the risk of Avaya? Years ago, Avaya was bankrupt and was sold to two companies. This instability of management and financial problems lead to a failure of support for the solutions that are deployed at their customers. Technology on the other hand, is growing at exponential rate with new communication channels opening up every year. If an organisation misses out on these opportunities, it could lead them to a high risk of inability to innovate at customer experience, where they will lag behind their competition on one of the most important factors that differentiate companies nowadays, that is Customer Experience.

Don’t wait around to see what long-term options are available to modernize your customer engagement center. Genesys, one of the leading in both on-premise and cloud solutions, can still help companies deliver an exceptional customer experience with a smart yet easy transformation from an existing Avaya infrastructure. Your customer relationships and the experiences you deliver are too important.

The infographic below will help you understand how an All-In-One cloud contact centre like PureCloud, built on CSaaS offerings, helps organisations provide an omni-channel self-service experience for their customers. Genesys’s solutions, breaks down siloed channels to deliver a more personalized experience. This will of course convert frustrated customers to happy ones, increasing profits and loyal ones.



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