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Dos and Don’ts When Deploying Cloud-Based Customer Engagement Solutions

Most companies noted that data residency and governance, along with industry-specific regulations were their major discouragement while considering a cloud-based solution. With the growing number of local data center investments and national cloud-first policies in place, the region is gradually going to overcome these challenges sooner or later where technology providers would be better placed to fulfill the data residency and compliance issues for the businesses. 

Moreover, as a key purpose of utilizing cloud-based solutions is enhancing CX, companies are conscious of the QoS level provided and voice quality, which is important to assure a client in order for the solution to meet its key objectives.

IDC makes the following recommendations to organizations considering deploying any cloud-based customer engagement solutions:

Think AI While Thinking about CX: Bringing process automation using AI and cognitive solutions should be central to a contact center strategy. Organizations need to leverage AI in specific use cases such as in optimizing search and knowledge discovery, analyzing customer insights to provide end-to-end customer journey, and providing recommendation to the agent, or implement conversational AI or virtual agents/chatbots – HIVE CFM-. Organizations can also use AI to engage with customers consistently and concurrently across all digital channels and adopt a self-service automation

Select a Technology Partner which Checks All Boxes for Security and Compliances Requirements: Contact center is a very critical business function for any customer-facing organization that processes, stores, and analyses critical and important customer data –Verint QM-. Organizations should carefully evaluate the security features offered by technology providers to ensure whether they adhere to the regulations and have strong functionalities and features to support any government or industry-specific regulations.

A unified solution that integrates with all digital channels and offers customization: Organizations striving to deploy any cloud contact center solutions or modernize their existing ones must look for a solution that can easily integrate other digital platforms (or even to legacy systems) to give a unified view of all customer interaction and various customer touchpoints –SDR-. At the same time, organizations from multiple industries and of varying size would require different types of customer engagement solutions and they might require different levels of customization. Evaluate your needs and look for vendors which offer a customizable solution.

Embrace Cloud Customer Engagement to Stay Ahead in Your Business: The Middle East is making strong steps towards cloud adoption. Organizations today must keep cloud migration as an integral part of their strategic priority. Cloud is already becoming an integral part of an organization’s contact center modernization strategy. The technologies such as AI and analytics work best in the cloud which enables organizations to determine the best way to engage throughout their customer journeys and predict customer’s future needs to be able to serve them better –Genesys Engage-.

Ensure Business Continuity during Uncertain Times: Economic uncertainty due to various geopolitical factors as well as macro-economic reasons is impacting consumption, which influences customers’ arrival patterns, queues, and overall demand forecast. Organizations that plan their contact center modernization by transitioning from traditional set-up (i.e. on-premise and hardware-centric contact centers) to more digital and agile are likely to be least impacted during uncertainties such as COVID-19. Organizations should be able to quickly scale their operations up or down based on the demand at hand. Staying ahead of the competition would need better management of customer experience, cost, and time.

Learn More about Dos and Don'ts When Deploying Cloud-Based Customer Engagement Solutions

Learn More about Dos and Don’ts When Deploying Cloud-Based Customer Engagement Solutions

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