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Organizations around the world are investing tons of money to create and build a seamless customer journey. Now, with Genesys’s new feature, Co-browsing & Screen Sharing, customers can have an easier customer journey. This new add-on can help agents solve customer issues (online forms) in no time; without wasting their precious time.

Let’s look at this example:

Adam, wants to register for a house insurance policy. He then Google searches for some insurance companies, where he chooses one and starts filling out the online form. Finishing out the first process “Your Details”, and moving on to the next one “Your Property”, Adam got stuck in answering one of the required questions: “Is the property built of standard construction (Brick walls & tiled roof)”. How can an agent help him? Of course, calling or chatting with one of them will be useless without an agent virtually seeing what’s on Adam’s screen.  

So how did Genesys innovatively solve this problem for contact centers?

Co-browsing & Screen Sharing

Genesys has added a new and effective feature called co-browsing and screen sharing. This feature allows on screen customer and agent engagement, in conjunction with real time chat or phone support, to take you through every step and immediately fix your issue. This is done by customers sharing their screens through a pin code where the agents get to see and also control their screens.

“FCR is both an efficiency measure and an effectiveness measure. It is a leading indicator of customer satisfaction because customers want their support requests resolved immediately. FCR is also important to the support center because high FCR saves money.”

Kristen Robertson

President, KR Consulting, Inc.



Adding a powerful function like co-browsing, to your online assistance, provides a level of personalized service that will keep issues from being escalated to additional support channels. This would of course increase customer satisfaction and loyalty; which will boost your revenues. Its an important aspect that organizations should concentrate on, especially online retailers, such as: Amazon, Souq.com, and much more, in order to decrease lost sales and additional costs. Research firms estimated that shopping carts and form abandoned rates are as high as 65%. Co-browsing helps to empower your customers and agents to initiate sessions—enabling hands-on assistance with everything from site navigation and form completion to picking the right item and completing the checkout process. This improves the customer experience:

“1% improvement in FCR performance equals $256,000 in annual operational savings for the average contact center.”


Industry research firm, SQM

A successful customer journey is not an easy aspect that any organization could achieve. It requires a lot of time, effort and money. Companies need to start on concentrating to create an easy and effective assistance in every step that the customer takes in their journeys. Deploying the right solution will win time and effort to achieve a seamless customer journey.

PureCloud, is an All-In-One contact center that enables empowered agents by providing CRM integration, it helps drive customer satisfaction up as you would provide a connected customer experience. Meaning regardless which channel the customer contacts you, they would receive the same service, and interaction history regardless of the channel communicated with. More and more new functions like Co-browsing & Screen Sharing get updated onto your system without the need to shut it down and restart it again, making your agents instantly replying and solving issues of their customers without any disruption.

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