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Verint DPA
Any business that wants to process credit card data needs to comply with the payment card industry data security standard. To help ensure data privacy and avoid capturing credit cards and other sensitive data during a recorded call, employees must pause and then resume the recording at the right time.
This manual practice leaves organizations open to risk due to human error, with Verint Desktop and Process Analytics call centers can automate PCI compliance and many other regulatory required practices.

Verint Desktop and Process Analytics can capture employee desktop activity from different systems and applications, map specific processes, and measure the time to complete each request or transaction. Using this information, you can:

  • Manage and improve the performance of individual employees by comparing their work processes to those of top performers (sequences of activities and duration of transactions) and assigning appropriate coaching and training.
  • Evaluate overall effectiveness by region, branch, team, or employee through summary reports and dashboards that use key performance indicators derived from actual desktop activity. 
  • Review and evaluate the activities performed by individuals or teams on a single work item to gain deeper insight into their contributions toward achievement of service-level goals.
  • Re-calibrate time standards on a regular basis based on verifiable, quantifiable data captured as employees complete each step or process, including tracking activities that cannot be counted from a system feed.
  • Reduce errors and rework time by using data to redesign processes and help reduce process variability.
  • Help employees make referrals and cross-sell products more effectively by providing them with screen-based scripts in real time through optional Verint Process Assistant.
  • Reduce risk by identifying and correcting behavior that does not comply with regulatory or organizational requirements and policies. 
  • Discover employee idle time and recapture capacity to be used for branch productivity.

Automate Actions and Alert Notifications

With Verint Desktop and Process Analytics you can also automate desktop triggers to:

  • Capture specific activities, such as the start/stop of a process or the input of a value in a field.
  • Tag records with unique identifiers, such as a customer code.
  • Trigger an action, such as generating a pop-up reminder for an employee of a next step, or send an alert to a manager of non-compliant behavior.

Data captured and generated by these triggers can be used to improve quality, increase operational efficiencies, and improve employee performance.

Verint Branch Desktop and Process Analytics helps organizations with branch networks make better operational decisions by understanding how employees spend their time. The solution can help managers leverage hidden resource capacity and identify behaviors and activities that do not comply with regulatory requirements or operational policies, as well as processes that need to be redesigned.

Verint Contact Center Desktop and Process Analytics helps contact centers protect data privacy, limit liability, and gain visibility into non-phone activities by avoiding the capture of sensitive data to adhere to PCI Compliance and other regulations, tagging recordings to facilitate easy retrieval, and identifying employee and system behaviors that do not comply with industry regulations and company practices.

Verint Desktop and Process Analytics

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