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Cloud-based Customer Engagement
Various customer engagement centers within the region have increased their adoption of cloud-based solutions which enables them to move from a Capex to Opex business environment. Cloud-based customer engagement centers make it easier to scale up or scale down depending on the seasonality of the demand, makes it highly customizable if they need to add or remove features or functionalities, and enables the workforce to work from home or any remote area, i.e. supporting the remote work environment and help organizations improve customer satisfaction via Verint Performance Management, Desktop and Process Analytics and more. During the current crisis, an increasing number of organizations strengthened their digital platform for better customer interaction, enabling a means to better assist their customers through personalized responses and prompt resolutions to their queries, complaints, and feedback – Social Data Router (SDR).

Drivers for Cloud-Based Deployment

IDC Research - Cloud-based Customer Engagement

According to a survey done by the IDC, improving customer experience (56%) and enhancing agent’s efficiency and effectiveness (43%) are the two leading drivers for organizations to migrate to cloud-based customer engagement solutions in Middle East contact centers. One of the key drivers of using a cloud-based solution is the shift from CAPEX to OPEX business model (27%), where organizations can save initial huge on-premise infrastructure investment and pay for their needs only. This benefit of amortizing their investments and paying as they use helps de-risk their investment and aligns them better with the business uncertainties these days. Organizations adopting cloud-based customer engagement solutions have highlighted that it has benefitted them significantly to improve the overall customer experience and also allowed them to integrate more innovative features and functionalities. These cloud-based solutions allow organizations to easily integrate with other existing and/or new applications which provides the agents with a holistic view of other business applications’ digital platforms. This in turn improves their Turn Around Time (TAT) and helps them complete additional calls.

Benefits of Cloud-Based Technologies for Contact Centers

IDC Research - Cloud-based Customer Engagement

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