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Workforce Optimization WFO
During the challenging times of Covid-19 the we live nowadays, most businesses struggle with Workforce Optimization WFO by Verint. Lots of questions are asked by CEOs and Workforce Managers about numbers and statistics on how to keep an eye on their human assets’ environment, needs, time management and productivity.

Whistle many organizations have already followed the approach of reducing workforce by implementing social distancing within the contact center or having people to work part time or remotely,  At the end of the day organizations look for stability, quality assurance and compliance. 

Here we IST are bringing you the 3 critical questions and 9 answers that will show you how to benefit from Workforce Optimization WFO by Verint:

Workforce optimization (WFO) is a unified suite of cloud solutions that capture interactions and manage the performance of employees across the enterprise. WFO can help you improve customer experience, scheduling, and operational efficiency by providing appropriate staffing levels and empowering employees.

In the contact center, WFO involves solutions with pre-defined workflows that deliver unique information to help enhance contact center productivity and quality.

Delivering great customer experiences, while also keeping costs lows and balancing workload, staffing, and other resources isn’t easy. How do you ensure the right employees are in the right place at the right time?

You need to easily navigate:

  • Appropriate staffing levels to meet customer demand across multiple channels, work queues, product lines, and locations.
  • Scheduling staff based on skills, shift preferences and customer demand and expectations.
  • Employee demands for flexibility

Once you have the right employees in place, how do you make sure they are becoming effective, customer-focused employees? Your agents handle a variety of communications, from calls to chats and emails. How do you evaluate their performance and take the guesswork out of quality management?

You need to:

  • Make it easier for employees to know how they are doing all the time.
  • Identify where to train and coach based on more than just a small sample.
  • Help your managers assess productivity, compliance and accuracy.

Optimizing customer interactions is a continuous process. Organizations must have broad visibility across all interactions to spot new trends and opportunities for improvement.

You need to:

  • Capture and analyze customer interactions, journeys, and sentiment across channels.
  • Enhance the quality and efficiency of customer interactions.
  • Uncover business trends and areas of opportunity.

This all includes workforce management, call recording, automated quality management, performance management, speech, text and desktop analytics and much more.



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