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Businesses around the globe, and across multiple industries, are planning to increase their investments in both customer experience and social media. Building relations with customers via social media and the way these channels are managed is an essential element of organizational success.

In today’s world customers value organizations that address them on all touchpoints. In this article, we will explore how Social Data Router (SDR) provides a 360-degree customer interactions view to your contact center agent and the effectiveness of social media on customer experience.

As social media and mobile devices come to dominate how customers acquire and share information about a brand, customer buying processes are increasingly made up of erratic “micro-moments,” where people search for product information and recommendations wherever and whenever they have a spare moment. The concept was coined by Google researchers who found, among other things, that nearly 70 percent of leisure travelers with smartphones explore travel ideas while standing in line or waiting for the subway. More than 90 percent of smartphone users look up information while they are in the middle of another task. More than 80 percent use their phones while in stores to decide what products to purchase.

According to the Harvard Business Review on Anchoring Customer Experience in The Social Experience; Business leaders strongly believe that social media is an important bulwark of successful customer experiences. Nearly half of respondents say it is extremely important now. The number jumps to 75 percent when respondents are asked how important social media will be in three years.

Social Media and Customer Experience
When social media is fully integrated into the design of customer experiences, it starts to drive change and break down silos, with Social Data Router (SDR) you will be able to
Plug and Play meaning you can turn it on or off depending on your organizational marketing objectives. It is OmniChannel, Integrated with Genesys to show historic customer interactions to provide an omnichannel experience. It will help you Expand your Reach With over 1.6 billion users on Facebook only, LinkedIn emerging as a customer service tool – SDR will make it able to respond to your customers where they are most active is not only convenient but also creates a connection between the customer and the business. Improves Customer Experience, Fast response times and personal interactions with customers on social media can lead to improved customer satisfaction. Familiar Agent Desktop & Minimal Training Required, SDR supports Genesys Contact Center platforms, which means your agents are using the same desktop as before, hence lowering training cost to almost zero,  Unlike with certain software systems or applications, call center agent doesn’t have to be extensively trained in social media, that’s because most people are already very familiar with it.

Social Media and Customer Experience

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